Festival Activities


Red carpet and celebrities

In the heart of the city, the gala ceremonies are the « gates to and from » the International First Film Week. They take place in one of the most splendid halls in Cameroon’s capital city, which is none other than the largest reception hall of the city hall.

This is a truly exceptional moment, and we have the opportunity to present the course of the celebration to our partners, participants and the media, while at the same time honouring our guests. It is also an opportunity to share the film selected for the opening and closing of the festival, the highlight of the gala evening.

In addition to the photographic flashes on the red carpet and at the entrance to the hall, these events also allow us to mark moments of pause to celebrate cinema as it is: a vector of emotions, something to be shared.

Formal dress required

Gala evenings are held during the weekend to allow all our guests to be present. They can access them thanks to the invitation cards which are given to them and once on site, they are taken care of by our protocol team.

We call upon qualified service providers in order to place this top-of-the-range event at the level of the guests who are received there.