Festival Activities

Kid Cinema

For little moviegoers

Elementary school students, or children in social welfare homes. The main goal of Kid Cinema is to educate through images. This form of initiation can also be used as a teaching method, and it consists in making the youngest discover the different aspects of cinema.

Every year we welcome hundreds of children in our projection spaces with the ambition to arouse in them more affinity with cinema, so that they can not only see in it perspectives of professions, but also that they will be in the future wise film lovers who participate in the development of cultural and creative industries in Cameroon in particular and in Africa in general.

Early Arrivals

First screenings during the days of the festival, the Kid Cinema take place in the same venues that host the other screenings of the official selection of the current edition of the festival. The duration of the screenings does not exceed two hours and thirty minutes (2h30), including the reception of children, the projection of the film(s) and various animations.

We accompany our cinephiles with animators who will lead them during the whole screening. They will make sure through a phase of exchanges that our cinephiles have learnt from them.

We organise film screenings for our cinephiles, with the help of their respective schools or social centres, while taking into account their permanent safety, under the guidance of their supervisors.