Festival Activities

Master Class

For aspiring filmmakers

It is to those who wish to work in the film industry or in a related field that we offer the opportunity to benefit from the experience of the professionals invited each year by the festival. A true « ephemeral school », the YARHA Festival’s film workshops allow those aspiring to the profession to become familiar with the environment in which they will practice later on.

Every year we welcome hundreds of aspiring professionals. Over the years, the YARHA workshops have positioned themselves as a platform for exchange, during which practitioners of film-related professions can « pull » up the young shoots and awaken them to the sometimes unsuspected aspects of the knowledge, being and doing required to be a film professional.

Each year, we open registrations for the workshops according to the availability of trainers, and then select the participants on the basis of their profiles. This step allows the team in charge of the activity to first put forward participants who already have an affinity with the field, but not only. The selected participants are then informed of the various arrangements to be made to ensure the smooth running of the activity, the team being always willing to provide further information.

Get your tools...ready...go!

In their practical phases, the workshops are coordinated by the trainers and the involvement of partners/donors can be seen, depending on the relevance of their interventions. Learners meet at the event site where their classes are located.  We also make use of the surroundings of the festival village for the execution of the teachings received.

The festival is always open to make more extensive arrangements depending on the logistical facilities available.

The workshops take place during the day, in the time slot that runs from 8am to 2pm, for two hours (2H) / workshop. Programs are available before the festival starts.