Festival Activities

Women in Cinema Meetups

The Yarha festival since its launch has placed great emphasis on raising awareness and empowering women in the field of film. This materializes in each edition by holding meetings, conferences/debates and round tables during which women from all social categories exchange without complex and learn, with the aim of developing their careers for those who already have them. It is also a platform for those who are still slow to take the plunge. The women’s meeting of the Yarha festival is today the window of promotion, enhancement and call for the empowerment of women in Central Africa. This sharing of experience without moderation that are the meetings of women filmmakers does not intend to limit itself on the way.

Previous Edition

YARA Encounter which saw the participation of many women, it mainly consisted in bringing together women filmmakers from the region around a main theme « women entrepreneurship in the film and audiovisual fields ». Having mobilized an audience of nearly 150 young women, men, journalists, actors and cultural entrepreneurs, it was supported by exchanges on such important themes as intellectual property law, getting a good start in cultural enterprise, the role of the State, and financing strategies.

  • The marked presence of legal experts and renowned filmmakers such as Rahmatou Keita, Hilda Dokubo, Sana Ezzine, Wasis Diop; Claudia Yoka, and actresses and actors involved in local civil society such as Sylvie Nwet, Tatiana Matip, Alex Bitjocka or Gérard Essomba enhanced the quality of the exchanges.
  • Thanks to the remarkable participation of the Korean and Swiss embassies in Cameroon, the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises of Social Economy and Handicrafts, the Institute of International Relations of Cameroon, the Hilton and this diversified presence of the public, it was an enriching experience.
  • The State has a great role to play in the promotion of cultural activities, of course, but the actors in the field must work to frame their activities and works and invest in quality, collaboration, diversity of resources (human, material and financial), belief and especially patience. Experience is a key determinant.