Festival Activities

Yarha Discovery

Artistic talents and Co

The YARA Discoveries extend beyond the film industry to the world of art in general.

We designed this activity to contribute to the development of young artists in Cameroon, but also to actively contribute to the development of cultural and creative industries at the local level. Our long term ambition is to serve as a springboard for these young talents and thus help them to better enter the professional cultural world, hence our constant need for multifaceted support in order to participate in the realization of the dreams of these young artists.

We welcome young artists from a variety of disciplines at each edition of the festival. We can find for example: visual artists, musical artists, performers among others. Each of these artists has the opportunity to express themselves through their art during the festival.


In order to make the challenge bigger, the YARA Discoveries have been developed in two dimensions, the first one being the exhibition of the artists’ work, and the second one being a competition. At the end of the competition, we reward the best in each category, which we present to the public during the gala evening.

An external jury is called upon each year to ensure the impartiality of the choices, but also to advise the participants so that they can make better progress.

Every year we welcome hundreds of children in our projection areas with the ambition to create in them a greater affinity with cinema, so that they can not only see in it perspectives of professions, but also that they will be in the future informed film lovers who participate in the development of cultural and creative industries in Cameroon in particular and in Africa in general.