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Call for Films 2021: Download the Rules & Regulations

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For its seventh consecutive edition, the International First Film Week, the YARHA Festival, announces the opening of the subscription phase for first fiction, animation, feature and short films.

In addition to being open to all films from around the world, the festival limits the registration of films to one (1) film per director ;

In order to be selected: 

– The feature film must be at least 60 minutes long;

– The short film must have a maximum duration of 30 minutes;

– The release date of the film must have been no earlier than 2017 and no later than August 30, 2021. 

– The film in competition must be the director’s first good feature film;

– The film must not have been selected in another festival in Cameroon, with the exception of Cameroonian films which are not subject to this obligation .

How to participate?

We invite you to read the Rules and Regulations of the 2021 Festival in full before submitting your film using the 2021 entry form.

The rules of the 2021 festival and the 2021 registration form are available for free download on the festival’s website: or by request via email to the following address:

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